Barbara and The Italian Wordshop's offer
to translation agencies and private clients includes:

Focus on style.

Hard-copy and online magazines, catalogues regarding architecture, product and interior design, fine and fashion jewellery.

I translate for the art world (exhibition catalogues, audio guides, artists' monographs and profiles) and cultural heritage sites.

Transcreation and Localisation

Client-oriented quality. 

I can help you with your advertising or marketing copy, in order to get your message across more effectively to your Italian target market.

I provide transcreation, content localisation and adaptation services for the advertising and entertainment industries (e.g. scripts or video materials intended for dubbing or voice-over purposes).

Proofreading, editing & transcription

Different wordscapes, same professionalism.

As a proofreader, editor and monolingual reviewer, I can fine-tune your existing content, making sure it is error-free and engaging for your Italian audience.

As a transcriber of Italian video or audio content,

I provide standard and verbatim (with and without timecodes) services, including editing, ensuring that the final files always read smoothly.




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